This is such a handy little book! It has become a great resource for our school day and more!

Rebekah Teague

This is a clear, practical book set into sections including: number bonds, addition and subtraction, maths vocabulary, multiplication and division, rounding off, numbers till 100, ordinal numbers, place value, fractions, decimals, percentages, time, time speed and distance, length, mass and volume, area, perimeter, ratio, averages, algebra and money. It is aimed at the American schooling system, but is also relevant for the UK Primary Maths curriculum as well. Tweaks can be made in teaching the pound sign for dollar sign – which is not a big deal. Visual methods are included and shows colourful, alternative, step by step approaches and layouts for numerical concepts which may help many struggling learners, not just those with dyscalculia, dyslexia and ADHD. It is a useful “dip into” guide for both classroom teaching and individual programmes. As a “specific learning difficulties” teacher, I used it this year with some individual students with their Year 6 SATs revision. They found the book “really helpful,” they “liked the colours” and “I understand that now!”

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The concepts in The Math Handbook for Students with Math Difficulties, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia or ADHD range from beginning math (basic addition) all the way up to some simple algebra concepts. In particular, the visual explanations of infrequently used concepts such as multiplying fractions or dividing decimals would be useful for high schoolers who once knew how to do the proper calculations but have forgotten. It would be valuable as a reference tool for any child who needs additional math help and would be useful for many years. Read more at website below..

Cristi Schwamb, The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine, LLC, July 2017

Your book (Dyscalculia and Math Difficulties in Singapore 2014) duly arrived and I have read it. I really like its structure. The case studies, of course, give it life and reality and will reassure parents and students that they are not alone in their problems. There is a good mix of research content, with many useful references for people to follow up, and helpful, pragmatic tips. It is also good that it is targeted at Singapore (though much of the content is globally pertinent), again for parents who live in such a culture where success in maths is assumed. I wish you every, deserved, success with the book. I received your Maths Reference Book (2013) last week. I think your graphics are excellent. They are clear, uncluttered, directly related to the maths symbols and appropriate to the concept covered. You do treat the maths conceptually rather than solely by rote. This is commendable. The book is succinct, so it is not overwhelming for a hesitant learner. It will act as a quick, highly available resource for children who need their memories refreshing.

Dr Steve Chinn (UK)

This is an easy read guide to help and support for people with maths difficulties. It reminded me how much we take for granted and how we need to ensure the foundation skills are in place to be able to become more confident.

Dr Amanda Kirby (UK) on Amazon

The Math Handbook by Helmy Faber reviews many math topics at the elementary school. As a parent and Educational Psychologist, this book has helped me to understand how students make visual associations with math skills without rote repetition and memorization.

Dr. Liz Matheis on Amazon

I was very impressed with The Math Handbook. Each topic has a lucid explanation and sufficient examples suitable for anyone struggling with math. Overall, excellent content and would highly recommend this book to anyone facing challenges in mathematics.

This is an excellent elementary visual aid that displays relevant information in a clear and concise fashion. There are no problem sets or exercises in this book but it is a handy reference guide all students can benefit from. It more or less is a ‘grammar book’ for elementary mathematics (basic algebra, arithmetic, visual geometry). I find it most useful as a refresher when going through more advanced texts. Not everything in this book is required for someone interested in mathematics, but a firm grasp of the material will help anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the most.

The simplicity of this book, but the vast coverage of major skills from 1-7 grade is impressive. Would recommend to any new teacher.

My daughter finds your book handy and easy to navigate. The contents are well covered and thorough. Thank you. Mrs. N.

We used your book this weekend and it was a big help for my son, so happy we got it, thanks again! Mrs. M.

Have not used this yet, bought it ready to start home educating my granddaughter. Looks like exactly what she needs.

It is a very comprehensive book. It even gave us a few different ideas on how to explain certain math problems. The book really explains all the different math operations in clear and concise ways, and in particular we liked the colour schemes you used. Also, the tables are very clear. A very good book. Mrs. S.

This book is very helpful for me to use during math class. I think that fractions is quite hard and this book was very useful, because I can refer to the diagrams and examples when I forget something and when I am doing my homework. M.S.

A great reference tool. Ms. W.

If I forget how to do my math, I use the book to look it up. I like it that it is in color. J.M.

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