Helmy Faber

Helmy Faber offers diagnostic assessments, screening services and (early) interventions for all individuals who have learning difficulties in mathematics.


  • Master degree in developmental Psychology (Utrecht University Netherlands), neuro-psychology (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).
  • Advanced Diploma in Special Education from a private Institute (Singapore).
  • Member of the Netherlands Institute for Psychologists (NIP)
  • Member of Singapore Psychological Society 1995
  • Member of SENIA- Singapore

Helmy has extensive experience working with low progress (LP) learners in mathematics (or dyscalculia), including students who have learning/behavioural differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, GDD.

She has worked with local students from K2, Primary and Secondary Schools, home-schoolers, students at private institutions, as well as students from various International Schools in Singapore.

Helmy has published several educational books related to dyscalculia and mathematical difficulties, most recently
The Math Handbook (2017).

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